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What is Counseling for the Elderly?

Geriatric Counseling is a form of mental health therapy that assists older adults in coping with the difficulties of ageing. It can assist with the physical, psychological, social, and economic fac...

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Just what does one do to become a dementia specialist?

Memory loss, cognitive changes, and Alzheimer's disease are all conditions that may be managed with the support of a dementia expert. The caretakers might also get assistance from them. Dementia i...

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The four primary types of dementia

A neurological disorder called dementia affects memory, thinking, and social abilities. When brain neurons stop functioning or die, it happens. Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, Lewy body de...

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What factors worsen dementia?

When someone gets dementia, several factors might exacerbate the condition. These may include infections, immune system problems, malignancies, and sundowners. Here are some of the most prevalent d...

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What Disorders Are Common in Later Adulthood?

During later adulthood, several disorders are prevalent. These include depression, anxiety, and Parkinson's disease. Various factors, including genetics and environmental factors, can cause these d...

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Does Dementia Run in Families?

Whether or not you have a family member with dementia, there are steps you can take to ensure your loved one's health. For example, you can consume a diet rich in antioxidants. Additionally, you mi...

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Can Dementia Be Diagnosed Using an MRI?

Recent research has shown that the use of non-contrast MRI for the diagnosis of dementia is not superior to the use of CT. Even while MRI may detect cerebrovascular abnormalities, this method is no...

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Psychology Neurology

The examination of the brain's mental processes is a component of the study of neurology and psychology. It looks at the capacity to carry out various cognitive tasks both normally and abnormally. ...

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What Mental Illness Gets Worse With Age?

Various factors contribute to the development of mental illness with age. One of these factors is the individual's age at onset. Table 1 shows the percentage of individuals with the condition who s...

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What Can a Neurologist Offer a Patient With Dementia?

A neurologist can assist a patient with dementia by performing various tests. Radio waves and strong magnets are used by neurologists to produce precise images of the brain. PET scans can detect th...

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